Tidings of Great Joy

I am reminded this season, perhaps in a different way than before, how joyful this season reminds us to be. My wife, Kay, and I want to begin the new year (2016) with a morning devotional founded in Peter’s two epistles, so I have been studying them in order to hit the new year running, so to speak. At 70 years of age, I am not as quick as I used to be—on my feet or otherwise. So, I recall seasons in my life when the time seemed long and the prize seemed so far away. Waiting for Christmas to arrive as a child was like waiting for a great moment that always seems just out of reach. Continue Reading »


God Isn’t Fixing This

Following the San Bernardino slaying of 14 innocent people, on December 3, 2015 the New York Daily News headlined an article criticizing the GOP presidential hopefuls for calling for prayer instead of corrective legislation. On the same evening a Facebook friend of mine posted on my wall, asking me to comment. He had taken the story to mock the Christian view of the power of prayer. I didn’t take it that way. In any event, I responded to my friend’s request in the following way. I deleted his name, but otherwise my response is intact. Continue Reading »

Sometimes, when I get low, I simply like to be lifted up through music. Good things don’t happen all of the time, and everything doesn’t occur the way I would like it to happen. It is during times like this that I look for encouragement, and often find it in music. Awhile back, while searching through some Christian blogs and looking for some strength in my spirit, I found a really wonderful and moving hymn to our Savior, called “All I Have Is Christ”. I played it over and over again. I copied the words to this hymn below, but to appreciate how moving those words can be, I think one simply must listen. Words are powerful, but they are most powerful when spoken aloud—either to others or to oneself. I have found this to be an immutable truth. Continue Reading »

As I think about these words, I am reminded of some really wonderful people I used to listen to on Christian radio who have said this is exactly what we need to do in order to be saved. I’ve heard it so often by so many that the faces are no longer clear, but it does seem to be what we have to do—doesn’t it sound that way to you? Yet, I am also aware that Jesus never said any such thing. While there are truisms that are clearly so no matter where we’ve heard them—like two wrongs don’t make a right; or angry people are not always wise, the fact remains that if Jesus never said it, I need to be careful about putting these words in his mouth. Continue Reading »

Recently, I read a quote from Albert Einstein, and it goes something like “The one who follows the crowd will usually get no further than the crowd. But, the one who walks alone will likely find himself in places no one has ever been before!” It sounds a little like the beginning of a Star Trek episode, which, come to think of it, may have been based loosely on this very quote! Yet, there is a lot of truth there; it’s not just a neat quote or something dreamt up by the movie industry. It expresses a truism that can point to Christ. Continue Reading »

Getting Beat Up & Blessed

I dedicated another blog-site to prophecy, as I understand it. Don’t worry, I’m not about to make any predictions about the end of the world or anything like that. Anyway, a lot of folks are interested in prophecy, so I get a lot of traffic there. Most of the comments, however, come from people who want to straighten out my thinking. Usually, most people who comment don’t go beyond two or three rounds Once they figure out that I am not going to change my understanding just because they shared a ‘better idea’, they go on their way, and I usually don’t hear from them again. Continue Reading »

This Is ‘My’ Pastor

The church I attend is becoming quite large in its membership—not a mega church, but much larger than when I first began attending over 26 years ago. At that time one whom I’ll refer to as Pastor Dwight was the senior pastor at our church. He no longer is, but he was then. Anyway, we have more than one pastor officiating different ministries in our growing body of believers. At one of our recent ‘heads-up’ meetings I was speaking with one of my pastors (whom I’ll call Pastor Scott to avoid confusion). Pastor Scott and I have become very close to one another in recent years. While I was speaking with him, Pastor Dwight came up to join in on our conversation. I hugged him around the shoulders with one arm and said to the Pastor Scott that this was **my** pastor. Continue Reading »